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Premier Shockwave Of Austin
April 2, 2023

ANNOUNCEMENT: We Are Rebranding To Our New Business Name: “Premier Shockwave Of Austin”.

It is no secret that since COVID-19, New Dawn Rejuvenation has made some critical operational changes to better serve the Lakeway and Austin communities.

If you have been following along, you would know that these changes have ranged from changing the services we offer, to moving to two different locations within 2 months.

These changes, in addition to those of you who have continued to use our services, have kept New Dawn Rejuvenation operational. For those of you who have continued to make us your provider, from the bottom of our hearts we want to say thank you. We are incredibly grateful for your continued support.

Our Initiative has always been to offer the latest and most effective therapies regenerative medicine has to offer. However, as of this month, we have decided to focus on one particular area of regenerative medicine. An area we are most known for: Shockwave Therapy for ED and Orthopedic use.

To reflect this new focus, we are currently undergoing a rebrand by changing our name from New Dawn Rejuvenation to Premier Shockwave of Austin. We feel that this decision is best to be able to market ourselves and our focus in order to grow the business.

 Premier Shockwave of Austin is determined to keep its doors open so that people can continue to have access to breakthrough regenerative treatments that keep the Lakeway and Austin communities feeling and performing their best. Therefore, we will continue to offer many of the same services that New Dawn Rejuvenation offered.

For an updated list of services, please give us a call at (512)637-8884.