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May 19, 2022

Does Shockwave therapy for ED at home work?

Shockwave Therapy for ED

Successfully treating ED with the Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Acoustic Shockwave Device.

Clinic vs At-home devices.

There are many claims on the internet saying how different at-home devices are the same as or even better than the treatments you get at a medical clinic. But how would you know which one is truly best?

In a clinic, ultrasound for ED/sonography for ED can be used to determine the sound quality of the blood flow in the penis. Ultrasound for ED/sonography for ED accomplishes this by acting as an imaging tool before and after a series of acoustic shockwave treatments for ED. Another helpful tool are surveys distributed by clinics to assess erectile function. In comparison, at-home devices have no tools to determine if you are truly benefitting or not. With ultrasound for ED/sonography for ED, and surveys, you have objective proof of your benefit.

Should I mention sonography if I don’t offer it at New Dawn?

Does Shockwave Therapy for ED at Home Work versus Knowledge and Experience. Clinics that specialize in acoustic shockwave therapy for ED have professional staff that have received extensive training and practical experience. Assumedly, at-home devices come with instructions that you must interpret and apply. The online person representing the at-home device likely has knowledge of the machine. ED can be complex, and there are many factors that must be considered to achieve success.

What you might ask the online representative. Are the online representatives of the at-home device for ED adequately educated? Did they adequately educate you? If not, this may be a red flag. Thankfully, there are ways that you can tell if the device is a scam or the greatest thing since the invention of viagra and cialis. Such as asking them challenging yet tricky questions that provide much insight, for example, “will this treatment make my penis change color” is a good place to start.

“Will this treatment make my penis change color”: The answer should be “YES” because acoustic shockwave therapy is a regenerative procedure. The whole purpose of acoustic shockwave therapy for ED is to create a medical phenomenon called erythema, which is a normal response the body undergoes to temporarily turn tissue pink in response to inflammation and the start of the regenerative process. If a clinic or online acoustic shockwave specialist is trying to sell this treatment or device to you, they more than likely will tell you “no” because they want you to buy the device and not be scared of your penis changing color.

If you hear “NO”, it could also be implied that the machine being sold online (or in the clinic) does not shockwave your penis enough to actually start the regenerative process. This can happen in some clinics to reduce liability. Unfortunately, it reduces success.

The tissue should turn pink with each session. This ensures that you see results down the road.

The color change is temporary.

Not all clinics are equal. Another question to ask is “how can I make my results last.” If a clinic is forthcoming, they should be recommending a particular at-home pumping protocol as well as supplements for when you finish your treatments. Otherwise, they may try to upsell with more treatments down the road.

The best clinics are the ones not trying to make you repeat customers every six months to a year. However, that’s not to say that some follow up isn’t necessary. The effects of clinical acoustic shockwave therapy should last 2-3 years with proper maintenance. If a clinic does not educate you on what proper maintenance is, then it is best to stay away from that particular clinic.

When it comes to at-home acoustic shockwave devices for ED, the usual protocol is just to do more acoustic shockwave therapy. But there is much more to erections and overall sexual performance than just that. That’s why it’s important you find someone to talk to that is an expert who is educated AND experienced on the subject of erectile dysfunction.

Alternatives. Examine your options. You should also ask about alternatives to acoustic shockwave therapy for ED. Alternatives for these types of therapies DO EXIST. For example, regenerative therapies like the p-shot for men and o-shot for women use something called platelet rich plasma or PRP to regenerate soft tissue for greater and more efficient blood flow by initiating angiogenesis just like acoustic shockwave therapy for ED. Other options should also be discussed.


One of the many allures of buying an at-home device for acoustic shockwave therapy is how affordable it is compared to getting treatments at a clinic. There are many reasons why it is so much more affordable than going into a clinic, but the main reason is that with a clinic you are also paying for a machine that costs tens of thousands of dollars, medical certifications required to operate and assign these treatments, marketing, and the usual brick-and-mortar business overhead.

So, what can you find out at a clinic that makes it all worth it? Well for starters, maybe just that blood flow isn’t the issue. Maybe instead it is something hormone related? The method to solving all of your sexual woes is to find a location that is comprehensive about their examination of the issue itself.

Sonography and surveys, for example, are great tools that many places utilize. However, they can be used deceptively in order to market treatments. Therefore, they should not be the only things that you might want to consider. The best tool a clinic can offer is a comprehensive blood work panel and health history form followed up with a consultation with a medical provider.

With a blood work panel and a patient’s health history, Doctors and mid-level practitioners are able to account for most of the different variables that pose a risk of affecting your sexual well-being. For more information,  look up acoustic shockwave therapy for ED near you, low-intensity shockwave therapy for ED near you, alternatives to shockwave therapy for ED, affordable shockwave therapy near you, and supplements for ED.

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